Almost 40 years after leaving my hometown, I was ready to move back. My wife and I searched for months for our ideal dream home in several sub divisions but none quite met what we were looking for. I always knew I wanted to come back home to Olive Branch but never in my life thought it would pan out the way it did. Just a few years ago my grandmother’s home burned, the very home I grew up in as a child was gone. I remembered my uncle saying, “If you want to build a home why don’t you do it here.” The very location I grew up as a kid. The same uncle turned me onto Stoneybrook. He had a co-work who had a home built by Stoneybrook, and he seemed to have been pretty satisfied. I gave them a call and left a message. Craig soon called me back and gave my wife and me the experience of our lives. I had never met anyone that was that much about business. Craig was well connected and proficient about getting work done. Not only was I able to come back to where it all started but Stoneybrook built our home in the very location my grandmother home use to be. Talking about coming back home, Wow! What an experience and a change to the old neighborhood. It turned out better than I could have imagined. Craig, my wife and I thank you for making coming back home a dream.


The Titus Family