In January 2016, we began our home search relocating from Washington D.C. to the Memphis Metro Area. Previously, we lived in a Stoneybrook home in Olive Branch and thought we would try a new area and a new builder. WHAT WERE WE THINKING! We searched within a 30-minute commuting distance in Tennessee and Mississippi. Let me tell ya; it was ! We typically look for the good in all situations but more times than not, we found that the majority of builders did not have our best interest in mind. We know builders are going to get rich but they didn’t have to make it all off of us. Around the May timeframe, we decided to stop beating our heads against the wall. There was no need to "reinvent the wheel." We decided to move back to Mississippi and stick with who we knew and trusted. Once again, we struck gold with another Stoneybrook Home.


Brad met with us and listened to the things we desired in our new home. From choosing paint colors, hand rails, you name it; he made us feel number one at all times. He was so nice, I sort of felt like the Prodigal son. Here we are looking all over for something better than Stoneybrook and Brad is giving us the "Royal Treatment." I say again; WHAT WERE WE THINKING! If some of our ideas were not in our best interest, he thoroughly explained the pitfalls. I believe that is what made the experience so great with Brad; he operates "cards faced up!" You can not beat that. Anytime we wanted to go by the house just to look or sit around. Brad was very accommodating towards us feeling at home. I am prior military, so meeting lending benchmarks and supplying the documentation can be a pain. But once again, Brad was on top of it. If you explain what you need and when you need it; he makes it happen.


The Takeaway:

Save yourself a lot of time, gas money, and headaches by getting a Stoneybrook Home. When it all boils down; a lot of builders are merely looking for the sale and do not buy stock in "your interest." That is not so with Stoneybrook.



You may or may not heed the aforementioned advice. If not, remember this;


"It Ain’t No Fun When the Rabbit’s Got the Gun!"



The Vaughn Family