In pursuit of our family's dream of building homes on our family estate, we had encountered many challenges in locating a reputable, trustworthy, contrator wo was willing to take on the challenge of building four homes in Meridian, MS. In our pursuit, we were blessed to find Stoneybrook Homes was willing to take the challenge. We began in March 2013 and we made the trip from Meridian to Olive Branch to tour Spec homes and discuss plans for our personal homes. Craig and Brad were courteous in their recommendations as well as keeping our budgets in mind while in the planning process. By June 2013, the plans were chosen and Stoneybrook Homes began construction on the first home (my parents) on July 1st, 2013. Within the next two weeks, they began the neighboring home construction (my brothers). What a beautiful site it was to see both homes being constructed at the same time.


Stoneybrook had planned the construction without delay and each crew; concrete, framing, roofing, electrical, etc., drove from North MS to Meridian weekly, and moved from one home site to another an by November 1st the first two homes were "move in" ready. We couldn't believe how this process had moved so quickly and care free. Any stressess that went along with the project were personal decisions that had to be made in choosing decor and keeping us under budget in this area. Craig and Brad would remind us by saying, "cha-ching" anytime we made a recommendation tht would put us over budget. I'm not saying we didn't choose thinkgs that weren't over budget, but it was comforting to know that Stoneybrook cared enough for their customers to remind us. Stoneybrook was diligent in making sure we didn't have any surprises when the project ended.


Once the holidays were over, in late January 2014, Stoneybrook began construction on the third home (my brothers). Once again, two weeks later, the fourth home (my home) began construction. We were on the final stretch of all the family homes being completed. Once again, Stoneybrook met all our expectations and by May 1st 2014, we were all at home in our homes on the family estate. Four homes built in less than a year. Wow!


There aren't words to describe how thankful we are to Craig and Brad Waldrop and their Stoneybrook Team for their dedication and hard work. Their dedication is immeasurable. From choosing plans to fit our lifestyle and our budget, to choosing flooring, lighting, and countertops. Stoneybrook is Number "1".

Thank you!




LaJuana Pierce Gray/ The Pierce Family