When our family made the decision to commit to the community we are in and buy a home, we had several opportunities.  We looked at a couple of houses that were ready to go; all we had to do was put in an offer and move.  We decided to look at our options for building our own home on a whim.  we immediately had 3 options for builders.  We met with 2 that were right next tot he schools our kids go and love.  Honestly, we ere all set on building a home next to the schools for convenience and to develop relationships in the community with other families.

we are so glad that we decided to meet with Stoneybrook Homes builders before making our final decision.  we had even talked to our mortgage lender and was prepared to put our down payment into a home right next to the high school! We even had the lot and floorpan all picked out!  After we met with Brad and then Craig to discuss our options to build with them in a new, up and coming neighborhood, the deal was sealed.  We were not meeting with anyone else and immediately made the decision to move forward with Stoneybrook.

From the very beginning, the brothers made us feel like people and not a paycheck.  Not to discredit any of the other builders that we met with prior; it was just somehow different.  We knew before we left the office that we would be building with them.  From that moment to the very end of the build and even after, we have been able to discuss options and opportunities with Craig.  He took all of our ideas and concepts and spun magic into what we now call our first real family home.  we couldn't be happier and would build with them again any day of the week or recommend them to the closest of friends and family.  If you are on the fence; don't be.  Just dive in.  You will be very happy in the end! We know we are!

Alex and Tabitha Seever

Forest Ridge - December 2017