We moved back to this area after living away for quite a few years. Once we made the decision to build on family land, we began the search fro just the right builder to work with to construct our "forever" home. The search for that contractor didn't take long. Although we checked out a few other builders, we immediately found a comfort level with Craig and Stoneybrook. We took quite some time to decide and alter just the perfect plan to fit our needs. Craig was very patient and helpful throughout the process. Once the plan was finalized, it wasn't long before construction began.  We have built 2 other homes and did extensive remodeling on one other over the years. However, NEVER BEFORE, had the process moved as quickly nor been as smooth as this one. We can't remember a single day during the week that someone wasn't working on our house. This had NOT happened with our previous builds at all! From start to finish we were ready to settle in our new home in 90 days.  Craig was great about keeping us on budget and on schedule. This was 4 years ago and since that time Craig has been quick to respond for any questions, changes, or any needs that we've had. Be assured, Stoneybrook cares for and takes care of their clients! We would highly recommend Stoneybrook Homes to anyone considering building a new home!

Dean and Helen Steward