We have had the privilege of living in a Stoneybrook home before our new build.  In 2008, I bought my first home in Olive Branch which I would later find out was a Stoneybrook home.   I knew the house was special from the time we walked in the door.  After looking at dozens of homes in the area, I told my realtor this is it, no need to look any further.  This house had so much detail that the other new homes didn't compare.  We had the privilege of meeting the builder(Brad) shortly after moving in and whenever we had any projects going on he became our go to person.  We were always amazed that he found the time help us even when there was nothing to be gained.  That spoke a lot about his character.   Sadly in April 2016 we decided  to put our house on the market.  We had an offer in just 2 weeks and then we had to make a decision whether we would find a new home already under construction or to build from the ground up.  My husband had a lot of ideas for our new home and we just could not find what we wanted so we decided to build.   We knew in the back of our minds there was a neighborhood that we both desired to live in so we called Brad. 


We had a few meetings with Brad and the decision was quickly made.  Knowing the quality in our last home helped us to make the decision right away.  We certainly had heard horror stories about other people experiences about building whether time, money and quality issues.  We had all the same concerns and we didn't want to risk any of those things so we decided to stick with the builder we had come to know.   We realize that Stoneybrook is on the cutting edge when it comes to design and quality.  They are by far the leaders in the field!  


The experience was awesome Brad made it seem so easy.  He made sure we knew every process of our home being built and included us on everything.  Brad was always available literally a phone call away.  With his expertise he gave advise when and where it was needed allowing us to make the final decisions.  We appreciated the professionalism, knowledge he possessed and how easy it was to work with Brad.  We are so pleased with the time frame and This final  outcome that we would recommend him (Stoneybrook) again and again!  Brad and his team at Stoneybrook, you did an outstanding job and we are thankful for our beautiful home!  It's just what we asked you for!  



Thanks so much!

The Allen Family! 2016